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We are devoted to ensuring the care and service we provide makes a difference to our clients.  Our client-centred approach has allowed us to achieve great successes and build lasting relationships.  For that, we are proud to partner with: 


As leaders and experts in Health & Safety and Infection Prevention & Control, IPAC Production Safety & Medics provides multi-disciplinary services dedicated to keeping productions safe and compliant. IPAC Production Safety & Medics is your “go to” for any size of project – we can provide experienced individuals to a full-scale team. 

Our team is available across Canada and the United States.


COVID-19 Testing

Our aim is to consistently exceed your expectations, by providing you with exceptional service. IPAC Production Safety & Medics’s team of registered and experienced health care professionals go above and beyond to ease the time restrictions testing imposes. IPAC has partnerships with multiple accredited diagnostic laboratories nationwide to ensure efficient turnaround times.

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health and safety for film production

Health and Safety

While safety is everyone’s responsibility, you can lean on our experts ensure the highest level of safety is provided to your cast and crew. Whether it is construction, stunts, special effects or location safety, we’ve got you covered! Our team of conscientious OHS experts will ensure all appropriate regulations are implemented and adhered to.

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COVID-19 Compliance Team

IPAC Production Safety & Medics’s COVID-19 Compliance Team utilizes best practices and the most up-to-date guidelines to ensure COVID-19 protocols not only keep your team safe but meet compliance to the ever changing requirements. Our team of Infection Control experts can assist in developing, implementing, and enforcing COVID-19 protocols, scouting locations, and providing support to ensure your production operates smoothly and safely.

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Onsite Medics 2

Onsite Medics

IPAC Production Safety & Medics is your partner for onsite medics. Your cast and crew deserve the highest level of care, IPAC Production Safety & Medics is the solution to all your health and safety needs. We offer a full range of professional medical services from unit medics, emergency nurses to additional health care specialists. Our team is not only experienced with handling emergency situations such as onsite injuries but can also assist with illness, health conditions and wellness needs.

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IPAC Production Safety & medics

IPAC Production Safety & Medics unite expertise from film & television production and the healthcare industry to ensure the highest level of safety is brought to your production without compromising efficiency.

Our team of experts can help you:

  • Construction Safety
  • Stunts
  • Special Effects