COVID-19 Compliance Team

Film And tv production

COVID-19 Compliance Team

For Film and TV Production

The COVID-19 Compliance Team works alongside the production during every stage, including pre, during and post-production. 

The main role of the team is to ensure all protocols outlined by the Company are followed by all cast and crew throughout the duration of the production. 

COVID-19 Compliance Team

Covid-19 Compliance Supervisor - CCS

COVID-19 Compliance Supervisors have specialized training and experience to handle any onsite issues as they arise. The CCS will be responsible for COVID-19 safety compliance, enforcement, managing the COVID-19 safety plan, contact tracing, conduct compliance assessments and reports.

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Covid-19 Compliance Manager - CCM

COVID-19 Compliance Manager works closely with the cast and crew to ensure all onsite logistics are running smoothly. Any questions or concerns, our COVID Compliance Managers have the knowledge and experience to make in the moment decisions.

Covid-19 PA

COVID-19 Assistants have experience working in fast past environments. Our team is knows the importance of pre-planning and will have all logistics sorted out to perform our tasks effectively.

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